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Ace Phoenix is an American born artist living and working in Houston, TX. Ace has taken her artistic journey to new heights every step of the way starting on her grandmother's kitchen floor at 4 yrs old, drawing happy faces in a hymn book, to crushing it in the makeup industry winning countless awards, to creating mural masterpieces for the Super Bowl Host Committee for Houston's hosting of the big game. In fact, the name Ace Phoenix derives from her self proclaimed alter ego. "It is the only name that is fitting to my gritty journey into the world of art." states the artist. No matter what is faced, time and time again she has proven that through the fire she will come out on top.

Art isn't just a talent that this young mother carries, rather a way of life. "Art is my prayer. It is how I express my deepest sentiments, and speak when words do no favor." She opted out of living the traditional American life that her parents wanted for her, dropping out of high school, getting her GED, then dropping out of college to pursue a career in hair and makeup. She excelled at everything she did and creativity, dedication, and tenacity has been the navigation that has lead the way.  

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Ace believes intensely in the ability to find within yourself the truest form of living your best life, and art is the most important tool to carry.

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