Our goal is to collaborate with builders to add an art feature that creates story telling for the neighborhood, promotes curb appeal to what otherwise may be seen as an eye soar. Although utility meters are essential to residents, often they interrupt the visual flow that designers aim to capture. We offer our home building partners the opportunity to engage their community by creating beautiful meter murals that are uniting, non intrusive, accessible, and effective. Our partners have the freedom to customize the murals as they please. 

We have found the murals to be beneficial to our communities as they serve as a connection to our city. Public art has been on the rise in the recent years as we witness murals making debuts in movies, music videos, backdrops for social settings, and much more. Our builders receive impressive benefits as well. The murals have allowed for a significant spike in property value by increasing rental inquiry, filling units quicker, solid selling tools, increasing convention tourism, measurable return back to the public as a city landmark.



Research shows that the museum experience cultivates health benefits and well being to the viewers:

  • Positive social experiences, leading to reduced social isolation

  • Opportunities for learning and acquiring new skills

  • Calming experiences, leading to decreased anxiety

  • Increased positive emotions, such as optimism, hope, and enjoyment


Our goal is to bring the art experience out of the museums and galleries into places where everyone can have free access to it.


The city and community respond well to organizers that provide and fulfill public responsibilities. Public art acquires these attributes in the following ways:

  •  Outward symbol of civic enlightenment embodied by public art and resident art

  • Sign that innovative thinking is encouraged in the community

  • Diversity is prevalent, and residential's vital signs are strong 

  • Well designed, handsomely made, and thoughtfully conceived for the benefit of the neighborhood 

  • Enhances area and engages inhabitants 


Some panels may require doors for access to the meters (included in price). Subcontractor fees and materials are included. Plexy glass may be added for additional costs. Some panels may vary in price according to sizes.

All of our murals are created with quality, outdoor. weather resistant paint. They are double primed, sealed, and trim painted for durability. Wood beams are cemented and installed 2ft into the ground. All wood is treated for longevity.

Total Cost


single panel

6ft x 12ft

Total Cost


double panel

8ft x 12 ft

Total Cost


triple panel

12ft x 13ft